About Chris

Co-host Chris, zombie enthusiast, sci-fi aficionado, remains largely mysterious to the universe. It is said he hails from Pittsburgh, born around the time Night of the Living Dead was being filmed nearby, but nobody knows for sure.  Growing up listening to local horror host “Chilly Billy” Cardilli, Chris developed a taste for horror and sci-fi early on and has been a disciple of terror ever since.

About Dale

Dale Luckwitz is an Ohio-based writer and horror movie nerd who has been watching horror films since around age seven. Dale has written numerous (but yet unproduced) screenplays in the horror genre, as well as non-fiction and juvenile titles. Dale’s script Your Own Personal Haunting won an award at the Horror Hotel International Film festival and placed in the top scripts in the Stage32 Search for New Blood competition in 2022. His script Wicked Sisters pulls from his extensive experience as an antiques seller and picker, a category of horror Dale calls antiques horror. He insists it’s a thing.