movie extras

Dave Made a Maze is a visual feast of creativity, a movie you can watch over and over again and constantly see something new, weird and just plain cool.

Following are pics provided by director Bill Watterson including movie stills and behind the scenes shots.



Courtesy Bill Watterson

Behind-the-scenes dummy  of Jane for the decapitation-by-cardboard-guilotine scene.


Jane’s head


Photo credit: Allie Levin


Setiup shot of Jane’s severed head

Close-up shot of Jane ‘s (actor Kirsten Vangsness) severed head, complete with red yarn blood. 

look book concept drawing

Photo credit: John Sumner

Dave’s cardboard hand

Original concept art combining movie stills of Dave’s (Nick Thune) cardboard hand, from the movie Dave Made a Maze.


the minotaur


Movie still

Dave Made a Maze is constantly full of surprises, such as a minotaur. 

Played by actor John Hennigan, who wrestled in the WWE under the name  John Morrison and later in RAW as Johnny  Blaze, Johnny Spade and eventually Johnny Nitro.

evil cardboard Brynn


Movie still

Brynn (played by Stephanie Allynne) turned into a cardboard marionettestyle puppet monster forever after High Fives!

the cast as puppets


Photo credit: Bill Watterson

Dave and friends find themselves turned into cardboard puppets. Here is a behind the scene shot of freshly painted cast puppets.

spike ball booby trap


Photo credit: Bill Watterson

Behind-the-scenes set of the infamous spike (complete with yellow pencil spikes) set.

an origami bird from the maze


Movie still

Boom operator (played by Frank Caeti) stoicly views an apparently living origami bird that has chose to alight on his shoulder.



Bonus Podcast feature: Bill and Chris talk comic books

The tremendously fun part of podcasting is the sometimes unexpected and unusual directions conversations can go. The below section, edited out of Episode Four, features Bill Watterson and Chris drifting off to talk comic books, fully forgetting a podcast is in session. A special feature for any comic book fan out there.