Episode 12: Chelsea Stardust, Filmmaker and Director, know for Satanic Panic and Into the Dark: All That We Destroy

The Prism meets with powerhouse filmmaker Chelsea Stardust, director of Satanic Panic and Into the Dark: All That We Destroy, for a lively and illucidating interview. Chelsea discusses her film beginnings working with Jason Blum as well as Ivan Reitman’s Montecito Picture Company, and describes her journey leading to directing her first movie. Chelsea discusses the challenges of being a female genre director in Hollywood, strength in unity and the power of support amount filmmakers, and sitting for a private screening of Insididuous with Rob Zombie. A great interview, and one you’ll want to hear from beginning to end!


Recorded July 19, 2022

Ep. 12 notes

To follow Chelsea’s Horror book club, the Losers Book Club LA, follow on Instagram at instagram.com/losersbookclubla/

In the podcast, Chelsea mentions how she had watched the entire American Film Institute’s (AFI) Top 100 films by the time she graduated high school. How many have you seen? Check the AFI Top 100 list here

To learn more about horror writer Grady Hendrix, as mentioned in the podcast, visit his website at http://www.gradyhendrix.com/

Never read Bunnicula, one of Chelsea’s childhood horror influences? Check out the Bunnicula box on Amazon


Episode 11: Behind the Curtain: An Interview with the Mysterious Writer and Creator of the We’re Not Meant to Know Podcast

We’re Not Meant to Know is a horror fiction podcast featuring delectably uncomfortable horror stories all told from a first-person perspective. The Prism sits down with the mysterious and unnamed writer, narrator, and producer of the WNMTK podcast to talk the creative process. In this episode, we discuss the appeal of mystery, the joy of discovering, and sharing, new artistic finds, and the benefits of removing the author from the writing equation.


Ep. 11 notes

Listen to the We’re Not Meant to Know podcast at https://wnmtkpod.libsyn.com/or wherever you download podcasts.

Follow We’re Not Meant to Know on Twitter at twitter.com/WNMTKpod


Episode ten: Mental Horror Health

Dale talks with Chris abount the presentation of mental illness in horror films and selects three titles of note that explore the topic with boldness and sensitivity: Saint Maud, Take Shelter, and They Look Like People. While often exploitive and cliche, horror movies have the ability to provide thought fuel in exploring mental illness. Dale looks at  three three movies that take the viewer into dark recesses, leaving them thinking about mental illness challenges in fresh, new lights.



Ep. ten notes

Movies mentioned included:

A24’s Saint Maud (2019), written and directed by Rose Glass

Take Shelter (2011), directed by Jeff Nichols, winner of two Saturn awards for  Best Writing for Jeff Nichols and Best Actor for Michael Shannon

They Look Like People (2015) written and directed by Perry Blackshear

Also mentioned were Jacob’s Ladder (1990) and Shutter Island (2010)

Bonus episode nine point five: Whoa! Two months of Prism already

Chris and Dale reflect on two months of Prism of Madness with a behind-the-scenes, unfiltered look at the wild ride of getting the Prism podcast launched. Hear confessions of the mishaps, challenges and duct-taped solutions they put into place to get the podcast off the ground. 



Episode nine: Catechism Cataclysm: Todd Rohal

Maverick filmmaker Todd Rohal, director of the wild, funny, heartfelt and supremely weird The Cataclysm Cataclysm, sits down with the Prism to talk creativity, filmmaking and renting Irish videos from Phar-Mor drug’s video rental section. We look back on his genre-blending indie classic Cataclysm Cataclysm a a decade later and discuss his work, from his first feature film The Guatemalan Handshake to his shorts with Adult Swim. An interview to not miss.


Ep. nine notes

Visit Todd’s IMDb page at


and view shorts, previews and other intensely wonderful content at Todd’s Vimeo page at https://vimeo.com/search?q=todd%20rohal

Episode eight: Filmmaker Shirit Bradley

Pop quiz: what does a producer for a movie actually do? It’s okay if you don’t know, because filmmaker Shirit Bradley of Netflix AND Legendary, joins the Prism to explain. Shirit shares her experiences from the production world, having worked on large studio and independent productions. Her experiences include Associate Producer for  Godzilla: King of the Monsters and production work on Krampus, Kong: Skull Island, The Cleansing Hour, and more. 


Ep. eight notes

Visit Shirit’s IMDb page at


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Episode seven: Man, Fuck This House author Brian Asman

The Prism sits down with writer, actor and producer Brian Asman to discuss the artistic journey. We talk the art of waiting, coping with social anxiety and the potential of giving away a haunted house. We also discuss Brian’s book, the viral sensation Man, Fuck This House, recently optioned for a movie, and find as many ways as we can to say that title over and over again.


Ep. seven notes

Visit Brian’s website for info to purchase his books and learn of his comics and upcoming projects at https://brianasmanbooks.com/


Episode six: Bad Ben‘s Nigel Bach

A Jersey Devil in his own right, Nigel Bach, the colorful writer, director and star of the cult indie Bad Ben found footage movies sits down with Chris and Dale at the Prism. Nigel talks the beginnings of Bad Ben, his great relationship with his fans (that he has named Ben-nites), and why actors bailing on you can be a blessing in disguise. 

NOTE: This episode provides a type of spoiler to the planned final episode of Bad Ben (with Nigel’s approval), so be forewarned!

Ep. six notes

Visit Bad Ben’s headquarters at https://badben.com/

Subscribe to Bad Ben TV https://badbentv.com/

Episode five:  Anna Shields, screenwriter and actor 

Anna Shields, screenwriter and star of the sasquatch (we call him ‘Squatch)  thriller Monstrous and the upcoming My Best Friend’s Dead among other films, sits down with Dale to talk horror movies, indie films and making a living in the industry.

Ep. five notes

IMDb page for Anna’s upcoming horror comedy My Best Friend’s Dead

and sasquatch thriller Monstrous


Episode four:  Bill Watterson, writer, director of Dave Made a Maze 

Learn about the creative genius that is Bill Watterson.  Chris and Dale talk to Bill about his award-winning movie Dave Made a Maze, staring Nick Thune. We also talk Bill’s approach to skill building and creative momentum and talk about Cleveland, Ohio,  filmmaker William Castle and why Bill has an Elvis tatoo.

Ep. four notes

Bill Watterson’s website: https://www.williamwatterson.com/

Check out movie stills and behind-the-scenes photos and pics from Dave Made a Maze, as well as an outtake from the podcast where Bill and Chris talk comic books!  here:


Episode three: Ghostly Restraint

Chris allows Dale to wax poetic on his favorite horror sub genre, ghost stories. Dale discusses the power of restraint in ghost story movies and gives a peek inside his noggin by sharing five of his favorite ghost story movie titles as examples of restraint.

Ep. three notes

Movies mentioned included:

The Uninvited (1944), The Haunting (1963), The Haunting of Hill House (2018 – Netflix series), The Last Will and Testament of Rosalind Leigh (2012 – with Vanessa Redgrave), The Awakening (2011)

Dale’s Recommendations for vintage horror and ghost stories in print: In addition to the ghost stories of  Robert Aickman (1914-1981) mentioned in the podcast, Dale also suggests seeking out stories by M. R. James (1832-1936), J. S. Le Fanu (1814-1873) and August Derleth (1909-1971).


Episode two: Horror in Ohio

Prism of Madness interviews Mike Wendt, Production Coordinator for the Greater Cleveland Film Commission. Mike discusses the process for bringing films to Ohio, scouting locations, and what in the world a production coordinator does, as well as meeting Robert Englund.


Ep. two notes

Learn about the Greater Cleveland Film Commission at https://www.clevelandfilm.com/ Come make a movie in Ohio (and stay for the great food!)

Ohio movies mentioned: Little Evil (2017) on Netflix, The Charnel House (2016), Shelby Oaks (in producton), Fear Clinic (2014, with Robert Englund)  The Hunting (2021, filmed in Dale’s hometown of Mantua, Ohio)

Episode one: Interview with  Damien LeVeck, Director, The Cleansing Hour, upcoming Christmas horror A Creature was Stirring

Prism of Madness sits down with writer, director and editor Damien LeVeck to discuss his life in movies and TV. We discuss the transition from directing a 19-minute proof-of-concept horror film to developing it into a feature film, The Cleansing Hour, on Shudder starring Ryan Guzman, Alix Angelis and Kyle Gallner.   

We also discuss his  upcoming 100% practical effects undertaking, a Christmas horror movie called A Creature is Stirring, slated to drop 2023. Additionally, we discuss filming in Romania while expecting a child, being married to your producer, and all things practical.

Recorded April 20, 2022.

Ep. one notes

Movies: The Cleansing Hour (2019) (available on Shudder), A Creature Was Stirring  (preproduction, est.  availability fall 2023)

To Read an excerpt from the interview, click here.